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Driving tips

Motoring in hired cars in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The first thing to realise is that in the UK motorists drive on the left and give priority to cars on the right. The road markings and signs are generally very good and make navigation easy. Traffic Lights control the traffic flow on many of the larger intersections and if not there is an abundance of 'roundabouts'. On approaching a 'roundabout' give way to traffic from the right and when it is clear enter the roundabout and exit at the appropriate exit.

Take notice of the Speed Limit when driving your rental car
While driving a rental car observe the speed limit on Motorways in UK: 112kph/70mph
When driving a hire car the speed limit in Urban areas in UK: 48kph/30mph
When driving a hire rental the speed limit on Major (A) roads in UK: 65kph/40mph, 80kph/50mph or 96kph/60mph
When driving a hire car the speed limit in residential areas in UK: 35kph/20mph
Round signs circled by a red band indicate speed limits. When the speed limit has stopped then there is a black line at an angle crossing over. Beware of speed cameras that photograph speeding vehicles. They are not always obvious and the police can trace drivers of UK hire cars. Do NOT speed in your rental car!

Parking your hire car
Parking in the UK is well regulated and strictly enforced with tickets, fines and in some cases clamps and 'tow aways'. It is advisable to pay any parking tariffs to avoid any unwanted tickets on a rented vehicle. In large cities, especially London, parking can be difficult to find and expensive. As you move out of the cities the easier it gets.
Red lines
mean that you cannot park or stop at any time on the side of the road that they are painted on.
Yellow lines
indicate parking restrictions. Nearby there will be a sign which details the exact parking restrictions, but typically a double yellow line means no parking at any time, a single yellow line means no parking from 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, and a broken yellow line means that there are few restrictions.

Many areas have 'Pay and Display' parking on the street or in an open car park. Tickets are purchased from a street machine. Watch out that you aren't in a resident's only zone.
Cities often have 'Multi Story' car parks attached to shopping centres and are very convenient, but make sure you don't scrape your hire car!

Legalities to be aware of when driving a rental car.
In the UK seat belts are compulsory in the front and the rear if fitted, and must be worn in a hire car.
Don't drink and drive in a hire car - currently the blood-alcohol level is at 35mg/100ml.
If you hold an EU style (pink) licence it will be applicable in the UK. For non EU residents you will need a licence in the English language or a translated version. If necessary you can get an International Driving Licence to drive your rental car.

Unlike most European countries there are no toll roads in Britain, only tolls for certain bridges- the Severn, Humber and Forth which you will have to pay if you cross in your hire car.
There is a network of motorways across the UK including orbital ones around large cities. Motorways are mostly three lanes and dual carriageways two lanes. Thereafter the roads get smaller right down to remote, rural single tracks. The standard of the road surfaces in UK is usually very good, please be aware that hire cars are not allowed to be driven 'off road'.

Emergencies in your rental car.
In the event of an accident you may need to call the Police or for an Ambulance by dialling 999. This is only applicable for major incidents or if there if there is any damage to the hire car or to a passenger of yours or another car then calling the police is essential. You will need to take contact details and the registration number of all witnesses to the accident. If have a camera (many mobile telephones now have these) make sure you take photographs from all angles before any vehicles is moved. You may have to call out a recovery service, details of which should be provided by the car rental company in the hire car.

Handy Hints, things we think are important to think about before you hire a car.

Driving Licence
Before you set off to hire a car, be sure you have your driving licence with you. Photocopies or faxed copies are not acceptable.

It is imperative that the paper part of the new photo licences is produced as well as the part with your photograph on. If you are going to drive a car abroad, you must have an International driving permit.

Road Laws
When driving in another country, take a moment to find out about local restrictions, as these they are often different from what you are familiar with. For example road signs and markings may differ, speed limits and parking zones (especially in cities) are often different. Before driving in a hired car, check maps, so that you have a good idea of where you are going. The car rental representative will show you how the car works. Familiarise yourself with the car controls before you drive away, ask as many questions as you like - every car is different!

Never Drink and drive - whether you are in a rental car, just the same as in ANY car! Some countries have a zero tolerance towards blood alcohol levels - in which case a driver is not allowed to have consumed ANY alcohol before driving. A car hire supplier reserves the right to refuse to supply a vehicle if they believe that you have consumed alcohol!! If you drink the night before you plan to drive anywhere you could still fail a blood alcohol test. Please be safe - do not drink and drive a car - being arrested for drunk driving is one sure way to ruin your holiday!

Snow Chains
If you require a set of snow chains check out the price for hiring them, it is sometimes cheaper to buy a set of heavy duty chains from a local garage, obviously depending on how long you will be staying. If you are heading for the snow in Scotland and require a rental car you can rent one from Edinburgh airport or down town at an Edinburgh automatic car hire depot. Snow socks - which are very easy to put on the wheels of a car have become increasingly popular as the snow increased this year in Scotland. Car hire branches are often very close to a train station in UK. Remember that you need to request with the rental company if you want to drive a hire car overseas - this can be done by simply selecting the option as you proceed through the booking engine, and the surcharge applicable will be calculated - the surcharge covers the additional insurance that is required for you to drive the car abroad.

Airport Collection

Customer's often asked us "where is the car rental office at the airport, is it far from the airport"

5th Gear car hire's coverage at the airports is second to none with almost all airports with in house or on terminal offices. Once a booking has been made we will send out your rental voucher/documents and included in this will be the complete pick and drop procedure relating to your particular airport.

All vouchers/documents are sent to you within 2 hours of placing you booking (subject to office operating hours). We send via email as this is much quicker than using the postal services, this saves lots of valuable time which means we can operate a minimum 6 hours prior notice for booking unlike most companies whicvh require 3 days notice.

It is important when booking rental cars from an airport to include your flight number as this allows the rental location to monitor flights for delays etc.

Car hire UK Airports - England, Scotland and Wales

Rental cars Aberdeen Airport Scotland (Airport code; ABZ)
Belfast City Airport hire drive Northern Ireland, UK (Airport code; BHD)
vehicles for rent in Belfast Northern Ireland, UK (Airport code; BFS)
Birmingham Airport England UK (Airport code; BHX)
Exeter Airport Devon UK (Airport code; EXT)
East Midlands Airport, England UK (Airport code; EMA)
Leeds Bradford International Airport, England (Airport code; LBA)
Car hire London City Airport Docklands car rental London from city Airport England (Airport code; LCY)
Gatwick Airport cars London, England (Airport code; LGW)
London Heathrow Airport London, England (Airport code; LHR)
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London Stansted Airport London, England (Airport code; STN)
Manchester Airport car rental guide Manchester, England (Airport code; MAN)
Newcastle airport hire cars, Newcastle, England (Airport code; NCL)
Southampton Airport, Southampton, England (Airport code; SOU)

Car rental Scotland
Prestwick Airport car rental Prestwick, Scotland
Rental info for Edinburgh Airport Scotland (Airport code; EDI)
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Car hire in Wales
Cardiff hire depot, Cardiff, Wales

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